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Book 2, Chapter 9 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 2, Chapter 9

Pellinore is still very lovesick for Piggy, so Palomides and Grummore decide to dress as the Questing Beast and let Pellinore hunt them to cheer him up. After much trouble, they build a costume. Morgause realizes that the knights are too silly to realize she is trying to seduce them, so suddenly she becomes interested in her children, to their surprise, pleasure and nervous confusion. Agravaine thinks they should write a letter to their father, to let him know their mother is spending so much time with Pellinore and the others. Gawaine is furious that he wants to betray their mother. They fight, and Agravaine pulls a knife on his brother. Gawaine goes into an uncontrollable rage, beating his weaker brother until he is almost dead.

Palomides and Grummore convince Pellinore-who has had a vision of the children he will have with Piggy-to go out and hunt the Questing Beast. But once they dress up in their costume, the real Questing Beast appears, and falls in love with them, following them around. Pellinore never finds them, and goes to bed, disappointed.

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