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Book 1, Chapter 3 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 1, Chapter 3

Arthur falls asleep in the forest, and when he wakes up, searching for food, he finds a cottage. Inside is Merlyn, an elderly magician who lives there with his owl, Archimedes. Merlyn's house is full of wonderful, talking furniture. Merlyn is dirty and muddled and easily frustrated, but he talks to Arthur respectfully, as if he were grown up, and takes a real interest in him. He also, strangely, seems to know who Arthur is. Archimedes is more reserved: at first, he doesn't trust or like Arthur. Slowly, though, he calms down and becomes friendly. They have tea, and Arthur asks Merlyn how he knew he was coming. Merlyn tells him he can see the future and the past as well as the present, which is helpful but also confusing. Suddenly Merlyn tells him that he will be going home with him---he is the tutor Sir Ector has been wanting for Arthur and Kay.

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