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Book 1, Chapter 2 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 1, Chapter 2

Kay gets angry and decides to go home, but Wart stays there because he knows that Hob, the servant who trained Cully, would be very upset to know that he was lost. Arthur asks Kay to send Hob to help him. He follows the hawk from tree to tree, getting closer to the huge, dark, dangerous forest. He tries to hatch a plan, but he is afraid. Then he sees something fantastic: a motionless knight in silver armor. When he speaks to him, however, the knight turns out to be less solemn than silly: he rambles about being lost, searching for a "Questin' Beast" for seventeen years, and says his name is King Pellinore. Arthur listens and nods, not sure what to do. Suddenly they hear a terrible sound, which turns out to be the Beast herself, and King Pellinore leaves quickly.

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