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Book 1, Chapter 19 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 1, Chapter 19

Lyo-Lyok explains the ways of the geese. They have no laws, except ones that are naturally agreed on, and there is no sense of large-scale ownership: if a goose finds food, it belongs to that goose only, and each goose has its own nest, but no more. One day, Arthur and the rest of the geese feel instinctively that it is time to migrate. It is a wonderful feeling, to fly with such a purpose, and it feels like a party for Arthur, since there are so many geese. There is a story that a farmer caught an old "admiral" goose-one of the leaders-and tied it in his yard. He found that soon, the goose was controlling the hens, rounding them up into the hen house each night. Geese have a sense of what needs to be done. When they have crossed the North Sea, Arthur finds himself in bed and human. Kay tells him he's been snoring like a honking goose all night.

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