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Book 1, Chapter 16 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 1, Chapter 16

Sir William Twyti, who has been sent to hunt for the King, is a sad man who only wants to hunt hares, but is forced to hunt other animals. He and the entire group go out to hunt a boar one morning. Robin Wood, who is a great hunter but an outlaw in the eyes of the King, appears, and Sir Ector nervously asks him not to identify himself. They come upon the boar, who is very dangerous, and everyone is afraid but Arthur, Robin, and Sir William. One of the dogs is killed by the boar, and Robin kills the boar. Sir William blows his horn not in victory over the kill, but in sadness over the dog. King Pellinore later discovers the Questing Beast, nearly dead from grief. Pellinore has quit his search for the beast because he is now living with Sir Grummore--he enjoys having a bed to sleep in at night-and now the beast is lonely. Pellinore, shocked, blames Grummore, and takes the Beast back to the castle to nurse it back to health.

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