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Oedipus the King Quotes

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Oedipus the King Quotes

Quote 1: "among the foremost men in daily matters and in dealings with the gods." Line 34

Quote 2: "ungodly pollution" Line 353

Quote 3: "a resident stranger as it seems, but soon to be revealed as a native Theban." Line 451

Quote 4: "blind, though now he sees - and poor, though now he's rich - he'll use a stick to guide his steps into another land." Line 454

Quote 5: "he'll be revealed a brother and a father to his children in his house, husband and son to her who gave him birth; wife-sharer and the killer of his father." Line 457

Quote 6: "[it is] not right to think good men, without a reason, bad or bad men good." Line 609

Quote 7: "Time alone can make it clear a man is just while you can know a traitor in a day." Line 613

Quote 8: "Laios had the feet of this child bound and pinned. Someone tossed it in a mountain wilderness. So there. Apollo didn't cause this boy to be his father's killer. Laios didn't bear the terror he feared from his son. That's what the words of prophecy defined." Line 717

Quote 9: "send him to the fields, the sheep pastures, so far he couldn't even lay eyes on Thebes." Line 761

Quote 10: "if a man's contemptuous, and goes along with acts and speaks without respect for what is right and doesn't revere statues of gods, then let a sorry fate destroy him - for this perverse pride - since he unjustly reaps rewards, does not respect what's godly." Line 883

Quote 11: "He unpinned and tore away the golden brooches from the robes which she was dressed in, raised them up and struck at his own eyeballs, yelling something like, 'You'll not look on the disgraceful things I've done or have had done to me. In darkness now you'll look on those I ought not to have seen, and not know those I yearned to know,'" Line 1268

Quote 12: Oedipus' cloud of darkness is "inescapable, unspeakable, unstoppable, driven by cruel winds." Line 1314

Quote 13: "to live where time allows, and have a better life than the man who fathered you." Line 1514

Quote 14: "[Oedipus] knew the famous riddles. He was a mighty king, he was the envy of everyone who say how lucky he'd been. Now he's struck a wave of terrible ruin. While you're alive, you must keep looking to your final day, and don't be happy till you pass life's boundary without suffering grief." Line 1524

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