Chapter 7 Notes from And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None Chapter 7

Vera and Emily go out to the Island's high point to watch for the boat. Vera asks Emily about Mrs. Rogers , and Emily confirms what she said - that she's sure that the Rogers killed their former employer. Vera worries what that might mean - could everyone on the island be guilty? Emily tells her story to Vera. Beatrice Taylor had been Emily's servant, up until she got pregnant. Emily threw her out, and Beatrice, with no one to turn to, killed herself. Vera asks if Emily feels responsible for Beatrice's death, but Emily says she has nothing to feel guilty about, as it was the girl's own actions that drove her to suicide. Vera is shocked by Emily's response: "The little elderly spinster was no longer slightly ridiculous to Vera. Suddenly - she was terrible." Chapter 7, pg. 101

Armstrong comes out onto the terrace to consult with someone about his suspicions. He chooses Lombard, and they walk off, talking. Armstrong has been asking Rogers questions about the death of his employer, and found out that it would have been very easy for the Rogers to murder her without having to go to any extreme lengths. All they would have had to do is wait for her to have an attack, and then not give her any heart medicine. Armstrong thinks it would be the perfect crime, because even if someone suspects them, no one could ever prove that they purposefully withheld treatment. Lombard suggests that the reason that they've all been brought to Indian island is that the crimes they've committed can't be proved, such as Wargrave, who made his murder look like justice. Lombard can't believe that two people would have killed themselves in one night, especially not the self-centered and egotistical Marston, so the only other possibility is that at least one of them was murdered.

They look at all the evidence that they have so far. The fact that the two murders closely resemble lines from the nursery rhyme, added to the fact that two china Indians have disappeared, suggests that Mr. Owen is on the Island, planning to murder all of them. Lombard and Armstrong decide to collect Blore, and then search the Island from top to bottom.

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