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And Then There Were None Chapter 15

At breakfast, Blore, Lombard and Vera try to figure out if Armstrong is the killer, or if he has been murdered. Blore is sure that Armstrong is dead, and thinks that Lombard is somehow responsible. Lombard says that Armstrong is just hiding somewhere that they can't figure out. He suggests they try Heliographing the mainland, since the storm has finally broken and the sun is out. Vera points out the seventh line of the nursery rhyme. It says that the Indian was swallowed by a 'red herring'. She believes this means that Armstrong's 'death' is actually a trick, and that he stole the figurine to make them think he was dead while he hid. Lombard says that there's nowhere he could be hiding. Vera reminds them that all the other murders have corresponded to the poem, and that the red herring must mean something. Blore points out that they can't be in too much danger, since there isn't a Zoo on the Island. Vera responds: "Don't you see? We're the Zoo... Last night, we were hardly human any more. We're the Zoo..." Chapter 15, pg. 226

They go out to the cliffs and use a mirror to signal the mainland. There is no sign that they've been successful. At around 2PM, Blore announces that he's hungry, and suggests that they go back to the house for lunch. Vera refuses to go into the house, and Lombard offers to stay with her. Blore hesitates before going to the house, but Lombard refuses to lend him the revolver. Blore leaves for the house. Once Blore leaves, Lombard suggests that he's the killer. He points out that Blore's story of footsteps in the hallway clears him of suspicion either way. If Blore was telling the truth, then Armstrong is the killer, if he's lying, then he's the killer. Either way, Lombard is innocent. Vera replies that she can't believe that it's Blore. She still thinks it's Armstrong, because she feels like she's being watched all the time. Lombard dismisses it as nerves. Vera tells Lombard that she thinks this whole situation could be a kind of divine retribution. Lombard takes this to mean she's admitting to drowning Cyril . Vera tries to deny it, but she can't. Suddenly, the ground shakes. They run to the house and find Blore lying on the terrace, his head crushed by the marble clock from Vera's room.

Seeing Blore dead, Lombard agrees that Armstrong must be on the Island somewhere, but he can't figure out where. Vera suggests a secret room, but Lombard reminds her that they measured all the walls - there's no missing space in the house where a room could be. The two of them go back out to the cliffs. They plan to stay out there all night, hiding at the top of a cliff, where Lombard can shoot anyone who approaches. As they wander up and down the cliffs, they spot some clothes down among the rocks. They go down to check, and find Armstrong's drowned body.

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