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And Then There Were None Chapter 13

All five remaining people sit in the drawing room, eyeing one another. They look back and forth, unable to trust anyone: "And all of them, suddenly, looked less like human beings. They were reverted to more bestial types." Chapter 13, pg. 191 They agree that in order to stay safe, only one of them will ever leave the room at any one time, leaving the rest of them there, watching each other. Armstrong suggests lighting a bonfire, but it's raining too hard.

Again, all the characters have internal monologues - they are growing paranoid, panicking - exactly the way the killer wants them. The killer observes that they're all terrified, afraid of death. Even the killer is afraid: "I'm afraid of death... Yes, but that doesn't stop death coming..." Chapter 13, pg. 194 At Five O'clock, Vera offers to make tea, but Wargrave suggests that they should watch her do it, just to be safe. Everyone returns to the drawing room, drinking tea and brandy. Lombard tries to turn on the lights, but there isn't any electricity. No one wants to go out to the generator to get it running, so Wargrave suggests that they use candles to light the room.

At Six-twenty, Vera goes up to her room to be away from the stress for a little while. As she gets to her door, she smells the ocean. It reminds her of Cyril , and Hugo. Suddenly, she thinks that Hugo must be on the Island with her. She shakes off the idea, realizing how crazy it is. The candle blows out, plunging her room into darkness. A wet hand touches her on the shoulder. She screams.

The men run up into Vera's room, and find her screaming incoherently. Hanging from a hook on the ceiling is a long strand of seaweed - that's what had touched her shoulder. The men help her to her feet and offer her some brandy. Vera almost drinks some, then refuses, demanding that she be brought an unopened bottle. Lombard goes to get her one. After she's had a drink, Lombard theorizes that the murderer has finally be foiled, but Armstrong finds it a little far-fetched that the murderer would plan on Vera fainting and needing brandy - especially since the glass of brandy they brought her hasn't been poisoned. Vera notices that Wargrave isn't in the room with them. Blore, Lombard and Armstrong are fairly sure that the doctor came up with them, and don't know what happened. Everyone runs back down to the living room, and they find Wargrave sitting in his chair - with a red curtain wrapped around him and a grey wool wig on his head. Armstrong tells everyone to stay back, then examines the body. He takes the wig off, revealing a red mark on Wargrave's forehead. He announces that Wargrave has been shot in the head, killed instantly. Lombard laughs, and announces that he's almost happy to see Wargrave go. Everyone is shocked, and Vera points out that Lombard was sure that Wargrave was the killer.

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