Notes on Objects & Places from And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None Objects/Places

Indian Island: The mysterious, isolated estate that all the characters are lured to, so that they can be picked off, one by one.

Sticklehaven: The small coastal town all the guests stop at on their way to Indian Island.

Clock: This large marble clock seems at first innocuous, but later it is used to fulfill the eighth section of the rhyme. Its shape is the key.

Wool and curtain: Wool and curtain These are the two stolen items used to create Wargrave's death scene.

Summing up: In British courts, after both lawyers have presented their cases, the judge explains the value of all the evidence, giving the judge the opportunity to sway the minds of the jury.

Heliographing: This is a method of signaling method that uses a mirror to flash in Morse code over a long distance.

Mark of Cain: The mark that god gave Cain to forever identify him as a murderer. It was supposedly a mark in the center of the forehead.

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