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And Then There Were None Major Characters

Justice Wargrave: He is a recently retired Judge, lured to the island by a letter from a flighty acquaintance, he is indignant when faced with accusations, utterly sure of himself and his actions.

Vera Claythorne: She used to be the nanny for an upper-class family, but her charge died in a drowning accident under her care. She was cleared of any involvement at an inquiry, but the killer has other thoughts on the matter. As people die around her, she begins to lose her mind.

Phillip Lombard: A former Army man, he's sent to the Island by an intermediary, under the story of acting as an 'Assistant' for anything his employer might need. In reality, he's just been lured there to face punishment for his involvement in a Native massacre in Africa.

Emily Brent: A crotchety old woman, she goes to the Island for the promise of a free vacation, but finds herself accused of driving her servant girl to death.

General Macarthur: The General is lured to the Island with the promise that some of his old friends are going to be there. When he arrives, however, he learns that he's being called to take responsibility for a sending a subordinate off to death during wartime.

Dr. Armstrong: A popular physician to the London upper class, Dr. Armstrong is hired to come to the island for a medical consultation. He believes that he's put his past behind him, that no one remembers that woman he killed on the operating table because he was drunk. Of , that's the very reason the killer has lured him to the Island.

Tony Marston: A drunken rich boy, he ran two children over with his car, and was punished by having his license taken away for a year. The killer decides that he hasn't been punished enough.

Rogers: He and his wife are hired by Mr. Owen as the caretakers of the Island. They had murdered their last employer, wanting to collect on their inheritance.

Mrs. Rogers: Rogers' wife. She took part in the murder of their last employer. She's been wracked by guilt, and hasn't slept well since.

William Blore: A former police officer turned private detective, he was hired to watch all the other guests on the Island. Of course, that was just a story. Actually, he was lured to the Island because he had framed an innocent man for a serious crime, and the man had died in jail.

Minor Characters

U.N Owen: The pseudonym that the killer uses to purchase the Island and then to lure his victims there.

Constance Culmington: An old friend of Wargrave's - her name is used on Wargrave's invitation to the Island.

Davis: This is the fake name and identity that Blore uses when he meets the other guests.

Fred Narracott: He is a Sticklehaven local. He provides ferry service to and from the Island.

Sir Thomas Legge: The lead police officer in charge of the investigation into the murders on Indian Island.

Inspector Maine: Legge's second in command, he has collected all the evidence about the murders on Indian Island.

Mr. Morris: The drug-dealing criminal who acted as an intermediary for Mr. Owen. He personally hired Blore and Lombard.

Hugo: Cyril's Uncle. Vera was in love with him - she killed Cyril so that Hugo would inherit the family fortune.

Cyril: Vera was hired as his nanny. She murdered him by allowing him to swim out to the rocks, knowing full well that he'd never be able to swim that far.

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