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Mythology Quotes

Quote 1: "Persephone was down in the world beneath the earth" Part 1, Chapter 2, pg. 57

Quote 2: "Pentheus by now was blind to everything except his anger and his scorn. He spoke roughly to Dionysius, who answered him with entire gentleness, seeming to try to reach his real self and open his eyes to see that he was face to face with divinity." Part 1, Chapter 2, pg. 70

Quote 3: "As yet there were no human beings, but the world now cleared of monsters was ready for mankind." Part 1, Chapter 3, pg. 83

Quote 4: "Did you do wrong?
Is this your punishment?
Where am I
Speak to a wretched wanderer.
Enough - I have been tried enough-
My wandering -long wandering,
Yet I have found nowhere
To leave my misery.
I am a girl who speaks to you,
But horns are on my head." Part 1, Chapter 4, pg. 96

Quote 5: "as what is ugly and evil is apt to change and grow milder with time." Part 1, Chapter 4, pg. 109

Quote 6: "'They are coming to the hill where you disappeared to weep for you,...but you must not let them see you or you will bring great sorrow upon me and ruin to yourself.'" Part 2, Chapter 1, pg. 124

Quote 7: "the deep red fruit of the mulberry is the everlasting memorial of these true lovers and one urn holds the ashes of the two whom not even death could part." Part 2, Chapter 2, pg. 138

Quote 8: "In Ortygia, an island which formed part of Syracuse, the greatest city of Sicily, there is a sacred spring called Arethusa. Once, however, Arethusa was not water or even a water nymph but a fair young huntress and a follower of Artemis." Part 2, Chapter 2, pg. 157

Quote 9: "'I have done all this myself and I will give the fleece to no man less brave than I.'" Part 2, Chapter 3, pg. 170

Quote 10: "That light weight in the car, those feeble hands clutching the reins, had told [the horses] their own driver was not there. they were the masters then. No one else could command them. they left the road and rushed where they chose, up, down, to the right, to the left." Part 2, Chapter 4, pg. 183

Quote 11: "But the two other sisters had awakened and, horrified at the sight of their sister slain, tried to pursue the slayer." Part 3, Chapter 1, pg. 204

Quote 12: "Thus Athens became, of all earth's cities, the only true home of liberty, the one place in the world where the people governed themselves." Part 3, Chapter 2, pg. 216

Quote 13: "Not because he had complete courage based on overwhelming strength, which is merely a matter of course, but because, by his sorrow for wrongdoing ad his willingness to do anything to expiate it, he showed greatness of soul." Part 3, Chapter 3, pg. 227

Quote 14: "'His eyes were red..He made me come in...Oh good friend and host!'" Part 3, Chapter 3, pg. 240

Quote 15: "When her suitors assembled in her home to make a formal proposal for her hand they were so many and from such powerful families that her reputed father, King Tyndareus, her mother's husband, was afraid to select one among them, fearing that the others would unite against him. He therefore exacted first a solemn oath that they would champion the cause of Helen's husband, whoever he might be, if any wrong was done to him through his marriage." Part 4, Chapter 1, pg. 259

Quote 16: "Only to wait until morning...I will bring you arms fashioned by the divine armorer, the god Hephaestus himself!" Part 4, Chapter 1, pg. 272

Quote 17: "In the more distant parts of the town the Trojans were able to gather together here and there and then it was the Greeks who suffered." Part 4, Chapter 2, pg. 276

Quote 18: "For the present she would change him into an old beggar so that he could go everywhere unrecognized. That night he must spend with his swineherd, Eumaeus, a man faithful and trustworthy beyond praise." Part 4, Chapter 3, pg. 311

Quote 19: "It was a simple matter for Venus to bring about a meeting between the two." Part 4, Chapter 4, pg. 325

Quote 20: "In their haste, the two friends got separated and Euryalus took the wrong path. Nisus wild with anxiety turned back to find him. Unseen himself he saw him in the hands of troopers. How could he rescue him?" Part 4, Chapter 4, pg. 341

Quote 21: "She knew that every man there except for Agamemnon was aware of her infidelity" Part 5, Chapter 1, pg. 354

Quote 22: "Dearest! You are my dearest, my darling, my dear one. A baby, a little baby, when I left you. More than marvelous is this thing that has come to me!" Part 5, Chapter 1, pg. 369

Quote 23: "The world of blindness was a refuge; better to be there than to see with strange shamed eyes the old world that had been so bright." Part 5, Chapter 2, pg. 382

Quote 24: " She killed [her] child with one stroke of a dagger. She cut the little dead body up, put the limbs in a kettle over the fire, and served them to [her husband] that night for supper. She watched him as he ate; then she told him what he had feasted on." Part 5, Chapter 3, pg. 396

Quote 25: "There was a woman in Thessaly named Coronis, of beauty so surpassing that Apollo loved her." Part 6, Chapter 1, pg. 413

Quote 26: "Now from her couch where she lay beside high-born Tithonus the goddess/ Dawn, rosy-fingered, arose to bring light to the gods and to mortals." Part 6, Chapter 2, pg. 428

Quote 27: "This conception of life which underlies the Norse religion is as somber a conception as the mind of man has ever given birth to." Part 7, Chapter 1, pg. 444

Quote 28: "Loki was punished. The gods seized him and bound him in a deep cavern. Above his head a serpent was placed so that its venom fell upon his face, causing him unutterable pain. But his wife, Sigyn, came to help him. She took her place at his side and caught the venom in a cup." Part 7, Chapter 2, pg. 458

Quote 29: "Along with their truly awe-inspiring heroism, these men of the North had delightful common sense. The combination seems impossible, but the poems are here to prove it. By race we are connected with the Norse; our culture goes back to the Greeks." Part 7, Chapter 2, pg. 465

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