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Act 2, Scene 4 Notes from Merchant of Venice

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Merchant of Venice Act 2, Scene 4

The scene is a Venice street. Gratiano, Lorenzo, Salarino, and Salanio enter. They're plotting a scheme that involves dressing in masks after dinner. Salanio says that he has reservations. Launcelot enters, with the letter from Jessica . Lorenzo recognizes the handwriting as hers. Launcelot begins to leave, so that he can return home and invite Shylock to dinner at Bassanio's house. Lorenzo asks him to tell Jessica that he won't fail her. Launcelot leaves. Salarino and Salanio agree to meet them later for their 'entertainment', then leave. Lorenzo reveals to Gratiano that he and Jessica have planned to take her from her father's house. Excited about the plan, they exit together.

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