Chapter 13 - 15 Notes from Moby Dick

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Moby Dick Chapter 13 - 15

Chapter 13 - 15

The Wheelbarrow/Nantucket/Chowder

The next morning, Monday, they set out for Nantucket, bringing their things down to the docks in a wheelbarrow. Queequeg tells two anecdotes of culture shock; the first, of his own misunderstanding of how to use a wheelbarrow, and the second, of a foreigner's confusion of his tribe's beliefs.

They buy passage on a ship, and set sail. On the ship, some fellow passengers make fun of the friendship between the black man and the white man. Queequeg takes the worst of the offenders and flips him around. Later on the trip, the same man falls overboard, and Queequeg dives into the water and saves him without a second thought.

Upon arriving in the city of Nantucket, the men go looking for an inn that Peter Coffin recommended. They find it, and on the outside, a sign which gives off the appearance of the gallows.

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They go inside, meet Mrs. Hussey, the landlord's wife, and get a room for the night. They also have a supper of excellent chowder.

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