Chapter 4 - 6 Notes from Moby Dick

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Moby Dick Chapter 4 - 6

Chapter 4 - 6

The Counterpane/Breakfast/The Street

Ishmael wakes up the next morning to find Queequeg's arm thrown over him and their quilt. He finds it hard to tell the difference between the arm and the quilt. Ishmael wakes Queequeg, and is once again favorably impressed by the man as he watches him get dressed for the day.

Ishmael joins the rest of the boarders downstairs for breakfast. He remarks on how all the men, each more accustomed to the rigors of the sea, find such social situations uncomfortable. Queequeg does not, however, and is possessed of a confident coolness that marks him above his peers; he uses his harpoon to spear food. After eating, Ishmael goes out for a walk.

There are a wide variety of people out on the street - whalemen of all kind, from the decent sort to the country bumpkin. They are drawn there because of all the wonders that whaling brings to the world.

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