Chapter 26 - 27 Notes from Moby Dick

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Moby Dick Chapter 26 - 27

Chapter 26 - 27

Knights and Squires/Knights and Squires

The chief mate of the Pequod, Starbuck, is a decent, competent man. He has a deep reverence for the sea, and also a respect for the dangers of his profession. Starbuck has the kind of courage that can handle the rigors of the natural world, like winds or whales, but cannot handle more spiritual terrors. However, he is decent man, and Ishmael promises that the story will not destroy his fortitude.

Stubbs is the second mate of the Pequod. He is a good-humored, apparently fearless man, who is never seen without a pipe in his mouth, which might help to explain his cheerfulness.

"For, when Stubb dressed, instead of first putting his legs into his trowsers, he put his pipe into his mouth." Chapter 27, pg. 97

The third mate is Flask, a short strong man, who attacks each whale as if it had personally offended him.

These three men each man a boat when hunting a whale. With each is a harpooneer. Queequeg goes with Starbuck. Tashtego, a proud Indian, rides with Stubb, and Daggoo, a giant black man, goes with Flask.

The rest of the crew is made up mostly of islanders.

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