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Book 14: Pomona and Vertumnus Notes from Metamorphoses

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Metamorphoses Book 14: Pomona and Vertumnus

Pomona was a wood nymph devoted to her garden. She would let no one enter without her permission, and she especially had no interest in men. Vertumnus loved Pomona, and he would disguise himself to enter her garden. As an old woman, he tried to convince Pomona to marry the Vertumnus, the god of the changing seasons, and he warned her that Venus "'hates a stony heart.'" Book 14 -- Pomona and Vertumnus, line 697 To further prove the point he told Pomona a story about a girl who shunned a young man's true love until he killed himself. When she saw the funeral go by, she turned to stone. After his story, Pomona agreed to marry Vertumnus.

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