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Book 8: Scylla and Minos Notes from Metamorphoses

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Metamorphoses Book 8: Scylla and Minos

When Cephalus and the troops from Aegina returned to Athens, Minos had been battling against King Nisus for six months. During that time, King Nisus' daughter, Scylla, fell in love with Minos, his enemy. After trying to squelch her love, she gave in to it and killed her father. She took his purple lock of hair to Minos and presented herself as his bride and her country that he'd been fighting to conquer as her dowry. Minos was horrified by her treachery, and he took his fleet and left. Scylla realized that she would be shunned from her own country and all others for her betrayal, and so she swam after Minos' ships. She was clinging to the bow of one ship when her father, who had been transformed to an osprey, attacked her and made her fall from the ship. She, too, was transformed into a bird.

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