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Book 2: Ocyrhoe Notes from Metamorphoses

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Metamorphoses Book 2: Ocyrhoe

Ocyrhoe was Chiron's daughter born of a water nymph, and she had the gift of prophecy. She came to her father's cave and saw Phoebus's son, Aesculapius. She told him, "'Grow strong, dear boy, / Healer of all the world. Often to you / Men shall owe health and life, and yours shall be / The right to win again departed souls, / And, though you dare this once in heaven's despite, / Jove's bolt will thwart that gift a second time. / You, now divine, shall be a lifeless corpse, / And from a corpse become divine again, / And twice you shall renew your destiny.'" Book 2 -- Ocyrhoe, line 640-8

Ocyrhoe also predicted that her father, an immortal, would be granted death by the other gods because the pain of a serpent's venom would torment him. Before she could finish her prophecy, she turned into a mare.

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