Act 4, Scene 3 Notes from Macbeth

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Macbeth Act 4, Scene 3

Macduff arrives in England and speaks with Malcolm. Macduff encourages Malcolm to come fight and take back the throne that belongs to him. Malcolm, however, knows that before Macbeth took the throne, he and Macduff were close. Therefore, Malcolm feels the need to test Macduff's loyalty. Malcolm warns Macduff that he might not be any better a king than Macbeth. Then Malcolm makes up all of these vices and flaws that he claims to have that would make him a bad king. When Macduff says that his hopes are broken and that Scotland, under Macbeth, can no longer be his home, Malcolm sees that Macduff is trustworthy. Malcolm explains his test and assures Macduff that his hopes should live because he will be a worthy and honest king once he regains the throne that Macbeth stole away.

Ross comes in and they recognize him as a Scotsman because of his clothes. When they recognize his face, they are happy to see him to hear news of their country. But Ross' news is not happy news. He tells Macduff of the murder of his wife, children, and servants. Macduff is grief-stricken and vows to kill Macbeth in vengeance for the death of his entire family. His fury is fuel for their desire to defeat Macbeth. The three men prepare to join the English nobleman, Siward and his ten thousand soldiers that Edward, King of England, has offered to help the Scotsmen fight Macbeth and win back the throne for Malcolm.

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