Chapter 44 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 44

Jo asks Laurie and Amy what they will do once they have settled. Laurie says that he is going to go into business, as he wants the satisfaction of working every day. Amy says time will show, but to herself she is resolves to have a good home and to be a good wife. The family watches the couple and concludes that they are happy.

Amy tells Laurie that she would have married him even if he hadn't had any money. She is no longer the type who desires money and position; she has changed. She sometimes wishes that Laurie didn't have any money, so that she could prove this to him.

Privately, Amy and Laurie think to each other that Jo should marry Mr. Bhaer. They wish that they could help, since he doesn't have any money. Amy is glad that she can give freely now, and the two of them agree that they will do that always.

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