Chapter 38 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 38

Meg has been absorbed in her children, as all young mothers tend to be. But her house is being neglected, and her husband as well. John feels as if he as no wife. He is always being told to be quiet, he will disturb the children. There doesn't seem to be anything to keep his attention, and he is lonely at home, so he begins to go to the Scott's who live nearby.

Meg feels that she in uninteresting and becoming less attractive every day. She is unhappy because she does all the work and John amuses himself. She asks her mother for advice. Her mother points out that while she may feel neglected, she is neglecting her husband. She suggests that John help with caring for the children because that is what should bring young couples together. She also suggests that Meg take an interest in what John likes and talk with him about it.

One day, therefore, Meg decides to have a social evening with her husband. She dresses up as she used to and tries to put the children to bed early. John comes home and is thrilled about having his wife back. But Demi won't go to sleep. Meg bribes him with cake and tells him she will give it to him in the morning if he falls asleep but Demi is back downstairs in a minute. John decides to take care of Demi, and once John does, Demi is scared and upset because he knows that his father won't give in. Meg is worried that John is being too hard on her son, but when she hears silence from upstairs, she peeks in and sees Demi asleep in John's arms. Meg goes back downstairs and begins to sew. John comes downstairs and sits with his wife. Meg asks John to tell her about the elections. He finds this charming, and in returns he asks her about the hat she is sewing.

Meg tells him her new plan about their family and home, and John is very happy with this arrangement. Instead of him going to visit the Scotts, the Scotts come to visit them now and then.

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