Chapter 29 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 29

Amy is forcing Jo to make half a dozen calls with her, as Jo promised she would do if Amy finished a drawing of Beth. Amy dresses Jo up to look proper and gives her directions on how to behave. Jo resents this, and irritates Amy by taking literally her demand that Jo be "calm and cool and quiet". At the first house, the Chesters, Jo is quiet, and when she does speak she is cold. Amy, upset about this, tells her to be sociable and to gossip a little. At the next house, the Lambs, Jo imitates a charming girl and tells wild stories about Amy, but Amy can't stop her because Mrs. Lamb has her wrapped up in conversation. Then, as soon as the conversation turns to Jo's stories, Jo imitates Amy's friend May Chester and announces that they must leave. Amy is fed up with Jo and tells her to just be herself at the next house. Amy talks to the adults while Jo ends up sitting on the lawn surrounded by boys and a dog, telling them stories about Laurie. Amy is horrified by this, as well, and glad that the ladies at the next house are busy. They then go to Aunt March's house, where Aunt March has Aunt Carrol over for a visit as well. Jo is in a bad mood while Amy is in a very friendly mood, which makes an impression on Aunt Carrol.

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