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Little Women Chapter 28

Meg is determined to make her little home a paradise. She decides that nothing will need cleaning or fixing, and that she will always be cheerful. Meg goes on a cooking spree which produces both good and bad results, the bad results usually sent to the Hummels. Meg decides to make currant jam one day, wishing to have a supply of jam through the winter. She has seen Hannah make jam many times and assumes she can make it, too. She works at it all day but can't get the jelly to 'jell'. The kitchen is a mess and she is tired.

Meanwhile, John has invited a friend, Mr. Scott, home to dinner, remembering that Meg once said he could feel free to have people over any time, as she would always have the house ready for him. John and his friend come to the house and find the front door closed; John knows something is wrong. He excuses himself and goes in the back way, only to find Meg sobbing, with her apron over her head. John starts laughing, then tells her that he has brought someone home to dinner. She tells him that she has not made dinner. He tells her to just go fix something, but Meg says she will not exert herself for anyone because she is too tired. She goes upstairs. John and Mr. Scott eat by themselves. After this incident, John and Meg don't speak to each other for a while, but Meg ends it with a kiss, and all is forgiven. They later have Mr. Scott over again with an invitation, and the visit is so warm he feels the hardship of being a bachelor.

Meg, having not much to do around the house, has begun spending time with Sallie Moffat. They go shopping together, and more and more Meg finds herself giving in and purchasing unnecessary items.. One day they find a violet silk dress on sale, and, in a moment of weakness and pressure from Sallie, Meg buys it. Meg feels as guilty about owning it as she would have if the dress was stolen. It doesn't fit very well, and it doesn't look good on her at all.

That night John sits down to look over the bills, and Meg is afraid of her husband. She tells him about her overspending, admitting to him she doesn't like being poor. John is very hurt by this because he does the best he can. Nonetheless, he gives up a coat he ordered, so that they can cover the cost of the dress. Meg feels bad and asks Sallie to buy the silk. Then she gets John his coat.

Laurie comes to Meg's house one Saturday to see Meg, who has given birth. Hannah says she will "send 'em down" with a laugh, and Jo appears, putting a bundle in Laurie's arms. Laurie looks at the bundle and is surprised, for he is holding not one baby, but two. Jo laughs, thinking it funny. The twins are a boy and a girl. The boy is named John Laurence and the girl Margaret, after her mother and grandmother. The girl will be called Daisy, in order not to have two "Megs" in the house, but they don't know if they want to call the boy "Jack". Laurie suggests they call the boy Demijohn, or Demi for short. That is the name that sticks.

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