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Little Women Chapter 26

Amy struggles and works at her art. She moves from drawing to painting to charcoal and crayon. Then she begins wandering all over, looking for landscapes. "If 'genius is eternal patience,' as Michelangelo affirms, Amy had some claim to the divine attribute, for she persevered in spite of all obstacles, failures, and discouragements, firmly believing that in time she would do something worthy to be called 'high art.'" Chapter 26, pg. 302

Amy decides to invite her drawing class over for lunch to show them the land nearby that they have seen in her sketchbooks. She asks her mother, informing her that they must have a proper meal such as the other girls are used to, and that they will hire a wagon to get around. Amy says to not worry because she will pay for all of this herself. Her mother allows her, although Jo tells her that the whole thing is silly.

Preparing for the lunch does not go smoothly. The cost is more than expected, and Amy's sisters weren't able to help as they had planned. It starts to rain just before the guests are to arrive. None of the guests come, even though most of them had promised they would, so the family must to eat what is perishable of the lunch.

The next day there is still hope that they might come. There isn't anything in the house to make a decent meal, so Amy goes into town to get a lobster herself. Then she takes the carriage to meet her guests and comes back with one girl, the only one to come. The family quickly clear away the extra places so as not to embarrass Amy. But Amy has a nice time and the two girls eat and go riding together. The leftovers of the dinner are sent to the Hummels.

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