Chapter 24 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 24

After getting better, Mr. March finds a position as minister to a small parish and becomes a person to whom many people go for advice. John Brooke goes to war for a year, is wounded, and is sent home. He takes a job as a bookkeeper, as he does not want to start off married life on borrowed money.

Sallie Gardiner marries Ned Moffat and are very well off financially. Meg compares herself to them and wishes she had the same, not appreciating the work John has put into a little house for her.

Jo never works for Aunt March again. Amy made such an impression during her stay there that she became the new favorite. Of course, she was bribed by drawing lessons. Jo dedicates her time to literature and Beth. She earns one dollar a column in The Spread Eagle, and also has a growing manuscript in the attic.

Amy learns to use her gifts of charm to "lord" over the boys Laurie brought home from college, and they all worship her. Jo enjoyed the boys as well. She is in her element, but none of them ever fell in love with Jo.

Meg and John prepare their home for marriage with the help of the family but no help from the absurd little gag presents Laurie brings home every weekend. Laurie begins to tease Jo, saying that she will be the next to marry.

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