Chapter 22 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 22

Beth and her father are both improving in health. Her father is still in the hospital, but he is waiting until he is strong enough to come home. It is Christmas time again, and the family spoils Beth with presents. This Christmas is so happy that they all swear it couldn't be better. Half-an-hour later they hear Laurie's voice shouting that there is one more present for the March family. Their father has come home. "Of course there was a general stampede, and for several minutes everybody seemed to lose their wits, for the strangest things were done, and no one said a word. Mr. March became invisible in the embrace of four pairs of loving arms." Chapter 22, pg. 257 Beth, who is still weak, even comes out to greet him. Mr. Brooke and Laurie leave the family to let them have time together.

Their father tells them that they have all grown, and Beth sings and plays a on her piano a song from Pilgrim's Progress which she put to music.

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