Chapter 20 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 20

The first things that Beth sees when she wakes are a budding rose and her mother's face. As Beth recovers, her mother sleeps next to her. Laurie is sent off to comfort Amy. Aunt March has given Amy a turquoise ring to reward Amy's good behavior while looking after her. Laurie, who has been up all night, is told to rest on the sofa.

When she sees her mother, Amy shows her the ring. Her mother says that it is too fancy for a girl her age. Amy asks her mother to be allowed to wear it, because it reminds her not to be selfish. She tells her mother about the little chapel she had and says she would like to set one up in her room so that she may go there every day and reflect. Her mother agrees this is a good idea.

Jo tells her mother about Meg's missing glove and that Mr. Brooke had it. She tells her mother that Mr. Brooke loves Meg. Her mother tells her that she knows, that Mr. Brooke has spoken to her and the girls' father about it and agreed that it was too early-- that he had to earn a comfortable home first. Jo says that she doesn't want Meg to fall in love and get married, but that she realizes Meg probably will.

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