Chapter 18 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 18

Beth is sicker than expected. Meg stays home from work so that she wouldn't infect the Kings. She and Jo stay close by Beth's bed. Beth is feverish and unaware of things around her. Hannah doesn't think their mother should be called, but finally Dr. Bangs says that she must be. The girls are relieved when Laurie announces that he has already telegraphed their mother and that she will be there soon.

Laurie goes to meet their mother at the train station . Meg and Jo wait for their mother, but she is late in coming because her train has been delayed by a snowstorm. Jo hears movement from Beth's bed. She sees that Beth is very still and peaceful. Jo is afraid that Beth is dead and goes to her. "As if waked by the stir, Hannah started out of her sleep, hurried to the bed, looked at Beth, felt her hands, listened at her lips, and then, throwing her apron over her head, sat down to rock to and for, exclaiming, under her breath, 'The fever's turned, she's sleepin' nat'ral, her skin's damp, and the breaths easy. Praise be given!'" Chapter 18, pg. 220 They hear their mother and Laurie coming into the house downstairs.

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