Chapter 14 Notes from Little Women

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Little Women Chapter 14

Jo has been busy writing and decides to submit two manuscripts to a local newspaper, called The Spread Eagle. Laurie spots her on her way to the publisher, but thinks she is visiting the dentist, as the dentist is nearby. When he finds out this isn't true, he wants to know what she is up to and says he has a secret he will tell, if she tells him hers.

Jo tells him that she submitted her manuscripts and will hear if they got in the next week. Laurie then tells her that he knows where Meg's missing glove is-- Mr. Brooke kept it for himself.

Both Jo and Laurie act strangely the whole week. Jo eyes Meg, because she knows the secret about Mr. Brooke, and Laurie makes jokes to Jo about The Spread Eagle. Laurie comes in at the end of the week with the newspaper and shows Jo that her story has been published. Her family are very proud of her.

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