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Little Women Major Characters

Josephine March or Jo: She is the second oldest of the March sisters, tall and skinny-- a tomboy who always says and does the wrong thing.

Margaret March or Meg: The oldest of the March sisters, she is pretty, simple and interested in the finer things in life.

Elizabeth March or Beth: The third March sister, she is very shy and timid. She loves music and her doll collection and her many cats.

Amy March: The youngest March sister, a little artist and a very important person-- she thinks.

Mother or Marmee: The mother of the March girls, she tries very hard to raise her girls to be little women--intelligent, kind, and modest

Father: The father of the March family, he is at war at the beginning of the story. He is a very intelligent and philosophical man.

Theodore Laurence or Laurie or Teddy: The grandson of James Laurence, a fun-loving boy with musical talent and charm.

Mr. James Laurence: Laurie's grandfather, who has taken care of the boy since his parents died.

Hannah Mullet: A servant for the March family, who has been with the family since the girls were born, and who is considered part of the family.

John Brooke: Laurie's tutor and eventually Meg's husband.

Aunt March: Mr. March's wealthy and grouchy widowed aunt.

Minor Characters

The Hummels: A family of German immigrants whom the March family helps when they can.

Sallie Gardiner (Moffat): A rich friend of Meg's. Later marries Ned Moffat.

Ned Moffat: Annie Moffat's brother, who marries Sallie Gardiner.

Annie Moffat: A fashionable and wealthy friend of Meg's and Sallie Gardiner's.

The King family: A wealthy family with four children for whom Meg works as a governess.

Mr. Davis: The schoolteacher at Amy's school.

Susie Perkins: A girl at Amy's school.

Mrs. Gardiner: Sallie Gardiner's mother.

Mrs. Crocker: An old spinster who likes to gossip and who has few friends.

The Vaughns: English friends of Laurie's who come to visit him.

Grace Vaughn: The youngest Vaughn sibling.

Kate Vaughn: The oldest, very prim and proper.

Fred Vaughn: The elder twin of Frank, proposes marriage to Amy when she is in Europe.

Frank Vaughn: The younger twin of Fred.

Esther or Estelle: A French woman employed as a servant for Aunt March.

The Chesters: A well-to-do family with whom the Marches are acquainted.

May Chester: A girl about Amy's age, who is rich and jealous of Amy's popularity and talent.

Mrs. Chester: May Chester's mother.

The Lambs: A well-off family with whom the Marches are acquainted.

The Carrols: A family related to the Marches. They invite Amy to go to Europe with them.

Aunt Carrol: Invites Amy to go abroad.

Flo: Aunt Carrol's daughter and Amy's companion in Europe.

Margaret Brooke or Daisy: Meg's daughter, twin sister to Demi.

John Laurence Brooke or Demijohn or Demi: Meg's son, twin brother to Daisy.

Mrs. Kirke: A woman who runs a boarding house in New York. Jo works for her as a teacher for her children and as a seamstress.

Kittie and Minnie: The daughters of Mrs. Kirke.

Miss Norton: A rich and intellectual young woman whom Jo meets at the boarding house in New York. She invites Jo to concerts and lectures.

Mr. Dashwood: Publisher and editor of the Weekly Volcano.

The Scotts: Husband and wife, friends of Meg and John. John Brooke is friends of Mr. Scott from work.

Rob : Jo's son.

Teddy: Jo's son.

Professor Bhaer: A nice, poor man from Berlin who stays at Mrs. Kirke's boarding house. Jo befriends him by secretly mending his clothes. He teaches her some German.

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