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Lord of the Flies Objects/Places

Assembly: The name given for the democratic meeting sessions held for the group when led by Ralph. It is the opposite of Jack's tribe, which develops later.

Conch: The shell used to call the boys together. When this object is held, it gives the holder the right to speak during assembly; it is later smashed to pieces by the boulder that kills Piggy.

Candlebuds: A certain white flower on the island to which Simon gives a name.

Caps: The uniform hats worn by Jack's choir. Later, as hunters, the boys still wear these on their heads.

Castle Rock: The fort Jack adopts as the base for his tribe. Roger drops a boulder onto Piggy here, killing him instantly. The conch is also shattered here.

Creepers: The long vine-like plants which encompass the island.

Fire: Created with Piggy's glasses, it is first used as a rescue beacon for Ralph and later to cook the pigs slain by Jack.

Fruit: The original food source for the boys; Jack however, insists that they need meat instead. Simon hands out fruit to littluns when they cannot reach the higher branches of the fruit trees.

Granite Platform: The meeting center for Ralph's democratic assembly.

Knife: Jack's weapon used to stab into trees and later to cut pig's throats.

Mountain: Site of the original signal fire. As the myth of the beast grows, this is the location where it is thought to inhabit.

Piggy's Glasses (spectacles): Used to start all of the fires on the island. One lens is smashed by Jack in a fight and later the glasses are stolen to make cooking fires to roast pigs for Jack's tribe.

Pilot: A pilot whose plane crashed on the island after being shot down in an air battle. His body is mistaken as the beast on the mountain by Samneric. After Simon's death, the pilot's body is carried by the wind out to sea, never giving the boys a chance to discover Samneric's mistake.

Pig-run: Path made by the pigs on the island and later used by boys as a trail up the mountainside to investigate the presence of the beast.

Shelters: Built at Ralph's insistence as a 'home' for the littluns, these structures are consumed by flames as the island burns in the end.

Sand Castles: Built by littluns Percival, Henry and Johnny, these sand castles are destroyed when Roger and Maurice who throw rocks at them.

Sow: A mother pig whose head is severed by Jack's knife, becoming a 'gift' for the beast. The head is left in the forest on a wooden stake driven into the ground. Simon visits the head, waiting for the beast, and 'speaks' with this head, the Lord of the Flies.

Stick sharpened at both ends: Used to support the sow's head and later taken by Ralph to be used as a weapon after he shatters the head with his fist. Samneric warn him that in preparing to hunt him, Jack's hunters have 'sharpened a stick at both ends', implying that he will be decapitated like the sow and his head is also to be left as a gift for the beast.

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