Act 4, Scene 7 Notes from King Lear

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King Lear Act 4, Scene 7

Cordelia appears very compassionate and caring as she speaks with a doctor about her father's condition.

Soft music is playing, and Cordelia finds Lear asleep. She kisses him and he wakes. At first, he thinks he's in heaven and Cordelia is an angel. Within moments, though, he recognizes that the scene is indeed a real one and that the daughter he has wronged is standing before him. He kneels before her to apologize but she asks him to rise instead and give her the benediction. Clearly, Lear is returning to sanity. He refers to himself as "a very foolish old man" (line 60). He admits he has done her wrong.

From this point on, all Lear can do is repeat how foolish he has been, and the daughter he has always loved the most is taking care of him.

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Kent, who has witnessed everything, is moved. He decides to join the troops and fight. He is told that Edmund is leading Cornwall's troops. He decides he will face his fate and submit himself to the ensuing battle.

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