Act 4, Scene 2 Notes from King Lear

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King Lear Act 4, Scene 2

Goneril gets home, arriving with Edmund at her side. Oswald tells her that Albany has learned about the French invasion of England, and he is not happy. He is even less happy when told about Gloucester's betrayal and Edmund's loyalty. How could it be?

Goneril sends Edmund to rejoin Cornwall's forces. She is very taken with this earl-to-be, and seals his departure with a kiss.

Albany enters the scene and refers to Goneril and her sister Regan as "Tigers, not daughters." (line 40) He is disgusted by their horrid treatment of their father. Goneril screams at him in a fit that could match her father's rage. She calls him a coward. He doesn't care, though--to him, she is worthless.

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A messenger interrupts the screaming match to inform the two that Cornwall has died from his recent injury. Albany is taken aback. He learns at this same moment that Cornwall was the one who blinded Gloucester. In the end, Albany takes note that the gods punished Cornwall for his horrific act against his brother-in-law.

Now that Regan is a widow, Goneril realizes that she, too, could contend for Edmund. She goes to write a letter to her sister. Meanwhile, Edgar has an impassioned moment in which he vows to seek revenge on Edmund for betraying his father.

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