Chapter 30 Notes from The Jungle

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The Jungle Chapter 30

Jurgis finally goes to see Elzbieta and she is happy to see him. He wants to tell her all about this wonderful thing, Socialism, but she is unmoved. She only cares if Jurgis brings home some money and if agreeing with him about Socialism means money, she'll agree with him. Jurgis gets a job as a porter in a hotel called Hind's. Ostrinski tells Jurgis that Tommy Hind is the best boss in Chicago. He is the state organizer of the Socialist party and Socialism is close to his heart, and he fights tirelessly for its success. He employs only Socialists.

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The hotel clerk and his assistant are both Socialists. The hotel does great business because all the radicals stay there and commercial travelers find it fun and interesting to listen to the impassioned speeches by the staff. Hind brings Jurgis off his chores to tell the western cattleman who come to Hind's what he'd seen on the killing beds, as well as the secrets of all the other Trusts. Jurgis often gets in fights with his neighbors as he tries to convert them. It is all so obvious to Jurgis; he can't understand the resistance.

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