Chapter 24 Notes from The Jungle

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The Jungle Chapter 24

One day, Jurgis begs from a well-dressed young drunk with a wad of money in his pocket. His name is Freddie Jones and he is from a wealthy Chicago family. He takes a boozy interest in Jurgis and insists that Jurgis come home with him for food and drinks. He hands Jurgis a $100 bill and asks him to get him a cab. Jurgis thinks about robbing him but hesitates and before he knows it they are at Freddie's mansion on Lake Shore Drive. Freddie's father is a Beef Trust man, Jones the Packer-once Jurgis' boss. The mansion is beautiful. Freddie demands that the servants prepare a tray full of exotic food and wine for Jurgis. While Jurgis wolfs down the meal, Freddie tells him the colorful story of his family-the scandals, the marriages to royalty, and so on. When Freddie passes out, the butler harasses Jurgis and turns him out. But Jurgis has managed to hold on to that $100 bill. Now he must cash it.

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