Chapter 11, Yankee Doodle Notes from Johnny Tremain

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Johnny Tremain Chapter 11, Yankee Doodle

The next morning, Doctor Warren wakes Johnny up. The British troops are marching outside. Johnny hears about the first battle fought at Lexington. Without much resistance, the British marched toward Concord. But Paul Revere sent warnings throughout the night and many Minute Men were now marching to Concord. General Gage has already sent for reinforcements. Before leaving for Lexington, Doctor Warren asks Johnny to keep his eyes and ears open for what is going on in Boston.

Shops and schools close. People are wondering what is going on. Johnny sees Madge weep as Sergeant Gale prepares to go to war. Johnny stares at the British flag and is reminded of its symbol of "English liberty" which had been lighted on the fires of England. Johnny removes his hat. As Johnny watches British troops march (about 1,200 in number), he wonders how half-armed farmers are going to match up to this impressive force. The drums sound, the fife plays "Yankee Doodle," a tune for insulting colonists. How can Yankee Doodle match up against the great scarlet dragon?

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In Boston, British soldiers search the houses of the rebel leaders in vain. The Boston Observer office is ransacked. Johnny heads to the Lorne household and finds Mr. Lorne hiding in a bed of feathers. Johnny assures Mr. and Mrs. Lorne that the British are being licked.

Johnny heads to the Lytes' house. The Lytes are making their escape to London in the cover of night. Mrs. Bessie and Cilla are the only servants not going with them. Miss Lavinia Lyte makes Isannah choose between either going with her or staying with Cilla. Isannah cannot pass up the opportunity to be an actress in London. When Johnny is alone with Miss Lyte, she tells him the history of his mother--of her marriage to a French naval surgeon, of her family's rejection, and of her great beauty. Miss Lyte tells Johnny that he has his mother's widow's peak. Miss Lyte verified this information from a ship captain. She gently touches Johnny's widow's peak before leaving.

Johnny wants to stop and think about all he has heard, but he remembers that he went to the Lytes to get Pumpkin's uniform so he can sneak into Charlestown. Before Johnny leaves, he asks Mrs. Bessie to allow the Lornes to hide out at the Lyte's house. Johnny puts on Pumpkin's uniform and kisses Cilla as he heads out in search for Doctor Warren and Rab.

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