Chapter 10, 'Disperse, Ye Rebels!' Notes from Johnny Tremain

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Johnny Tremain Chapter 10, 'Disperse, Ye Rebels!'

That April 1775, Johnny and the rest of Boston feel something brewing. In Doctor Warren's office, the doctor and Paul Revere discuss how to send warning signals if the British are to start marching. Paul Revere says:

"If the British go out over the Neck, we will show one lantern. If in the boats--two." Chapter 10, pg. 206

By the sixteenth of April, Rab says that he is going to Lexington before the first shots fire. Johnny is upset that Rab has no qualms about leaving him in Boston. Rab is eighteen years old--now a grown man. Johnny wants to tell him not to go, but he cannot show his emotions. Rab seems so intent, so glad about joining the war. He bids goodbye to his uncle, aunt, and baby Rabbit. Johnny does not even have time to say a proper goodbye.

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On the eighteenth, Johnny finds out from Dove that Colonel Smith is preparing his campaign saddle to ride at eight o'clock, for about thirty miles, possibly facing drums and shooting. Johnny tells Doctor Warren that Colonel Smith will be leading the command that night and Lexington and Concord will be the likely targets. Doctor Warren tells Johnny to notify Billy Dawes to get ready to ride. Billy Dawes, the gifted actor, is dressed like a drunken farmer. Paul Revere tells Johnny to tell Robert Newman, the sexton at Christ's Church, to hang two lanterns. Paul Revere would cross over in a boat and ride that night to warn the Minute Men of the marching troops. While Johnny Tremain is fast asleep, the first shots are fired in Lexington. Major Pitcairn is heard saying, "Disperse ye rebels, ye villains, disperse! Why don't ye lay down your arm?" (pg. 218).

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