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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Topic Tracking: Hidden

Chapter 1

Hidden 1: While on a Sunday walk, Mr. Enfield tells Mr. Utterson the story of Mr. Hyde, the mysterious person behind the door. Mr. Hyde runs over a girl and would have left the scene if it were not for Mr. Enfield's interference. The man says that he is no gentleman, but wants to avoid a scene. He then goes into the door and brings out a check worth nearly one hundred pounds. Mr. Enfield believes that there is something amiss going on behind that door, possibly blackmail. Fittingly, the man's name is Hyde.

Chapter 2

Hidden 2: Mr. Utterson wants to discover the apparent mystery behind Mr. Hyde's connection with Dr. Jekyll. When he first encounters Hyde, Mr. Utterson thinks that the young man is related to some sin of Dr. Jekyll's past. This thought makes Mr. Utterson reflect on the hidden sins of his own past, which humbles him.

Chapter 4

Hidden 3: After the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, Mr. Utterson and Inspector Newcomen search Hyde's residence in Soho. They do not find him there. He seems to have just disappeared.

Chapter 5

Hidden 4: Mr. Utterson is a cautious person who does not like to flirt with scandal. After the Carew murder, the city is in an uproar and news is going around about the details. Knowing that his doctor friend is tangentially involved in the Carew murder case, the loyal Mr. Utterson is careful to protect his friend's good name. Mr. Utterson tries to keep Dr. Jekyll's relationship with Hyde away from public scrutiny as best as he can.

Chapter 6

Hidden 5: For a while, Dr. Jekyll opens up his house to his friends, but a sudden change of events turn him into a recluse again. Even Dr. Lanyon begins to act strange, refusing to tell Mr. Utterson what is wrong. Mr. Utterson has the opportunity to unlock the secrets of the mystery, but his professional honor prevents him from reading Dr. Lanyon's sealed letter that explicitly states: "not to be opened till the death or disappearance of Dr. Henry Jekyll." Dr. Jekyll, meanwhile, is constantly locked up in his laboratory, as if he were in hiding.

Chapter 8

Hidden 6: Poole notifies Mr. Utterson that Dr. Jekyll has locked himself in the laboratory. When they approach the door, the voice from inside sounds like Hyde. Poole and Mr. Utterson decide that it is time they finally uncover the mystery behind the laboratory door. They get an ax and break down the door, revealing what has long been hidden.

Chapter 10

Hidden 7: Dr. Jekyll lives a life of duplicity through the body of Hyde. When his life as Hyde can no longer be hidden, Dr. Jekyll tries desperately to remove that side from his life. But the pull is too strong. As he begins to feel the Hyde character taking greater control over his life, Dr. Jekyll resorts to killing himself.

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