Chapter 5 - Incident of the Letter Notes from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 5 - Incident of the Letter

Mr. Utterson goes to see Dr. Jekyll, whereupon he is admitted in by Poole. Mr. Utterson is led across a yard, past the laboratory rooms, to where Dr. Jekyll is resting. He looks ill. Mr. Utterson gets straight to the point and asks whether he has heard the news about Carew. Dr. Jekyll explains:

"I swear to God I will never set eyes on him again. I bind my honour to you that I am done with him in this world. It is all at an end. And indeed he does not want my help; you do not know him as I do; he is safe, he is quite safe; mark my words, he will never more be heard of." Chapter 5, pg. 66

He tells Mr. Utterson about a letter (with Hyde's signature) he has received and asks the lawyer to do with it as he sees fit. The letter states that Dr. Jekyll's safety is assured because he (Hyde) has made his escape. Mr. Utterson asks whether it was Hyde who had dictated the terms of the will. The doctor nods reluctantly. As he is leaving, Mr. Utterson asks Poole about the messenger who delivered the letter. Poole insists that no messenger had come about. Mr. Utterson leaves, still fearful of his friend's well being.

The fog remains heavy upon London. That night, Mr. Utterson sits by the fire, his wine untouched. Present is his head clerk, Mr. Guest. Mr. Utterson decides to ask his clerk, a student and critic of handwriting, to assess Hyde's strange letter. Mr. Guest studies it intently. Just then, a servant enters with a dinner invitation from Dr. Jekyll. Mr. Guest asks to see Dr. Jekyll's note and compares it with Hyde's letter. The clerk concludes that the handwriting seems to be identical. Mr. Utterson agrees and tells Mr. Guest not to speak of the note. Mr. Guest assents.

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When he is alone, Mr. Utterson puts the letter in his safe. "Henry Jekyll forge for a murderer!" he exclaims to himself.

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