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Notes on Objects & Places from Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre Objects/Places

Gateshead Hall: The house where Mrs. Reed lives, and where Jane's mother lived as a child. Jane lives there for part of her childhood as well.

Bewick's Book of British Birds: The colorful book of British birds which Jane likes to peruse while sitting in the windowseat at Gateshead.

Red Room: The particularly Gothic and frightening room which Jane is locked up in after flying at John Reed who beat her. It is the room where the late Mr. Reed, Jane's uncle died, and its furnishings are dark, ornate and red.

Nursery: The nursery where Jane is allowed to stay sometimes and not others, at Gateshead.

Lowood Institution: The charitable institution for poor or orphaned girls of clergyman, run by Mr. Brocklehurst, which almost starved it occupants, and was torturously strick. Jane attends this school for over eight years.

Typhoid Fever: Fever which runs through Lowood, killing half its' inhabitants; a common cause of death among the young throughout the 19th century.

Thornfield Hall: The manor and home owned by Mr. Rochester in Millcote, -shire, which eventually burns down.

Attic: The third floor of Thornfield, where the mad Bertha is kept.

Leas: House of Mr.Eshton, where Mr. Rochester goes for a while.

Drawing-Room: Happy haunt of Mr. Rochester, where he cares to sit many hours in front of the fire, and speak to Jane.

West Indies: Where Mr. Mason and Bertha are both from (Jamaica).

Madeira: Home of Jane's uncle John who dies.

Chesnut Tree: The symbolic tree which gets struck by lightning.

Wedding Veil: The wedding veil which Rochester buys Jane, and which Bertha rips in half in the middle of the night.

Whitcross: The town where the coach deposits Jane when she leaves Thornfield after the shock of Bertha. She begs here for many days before finding Moor House.

Moor House: The house where Diana and Mary came to stay because of their father's death, at Marsh End, in Morton. Jane eventually lives here for a few months.

Morton: The town where St. John is a pastor, where Jane teaches, and where Moor House is located, in the northern moors.

Village school: The school where Jane teaches peasant's daughters in Morton.

Twenty-Thousand pounds: The fortune which Jane's dead uncle John from Madeira, leaves her, which she divides evenly between herself and her three cousins.

Hindostanee: The Eastern language which St. John convinces Jane to learn because he wants to convince to marry him, and go to India to be a missionary.

India: Country where St. John goes to become a missionary.

Ferndean Manor: The manor owned by Rochester, where he goes to live crippled and blind, after Thornfield Halls burns to the ground.

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