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Notes on Characters from Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre Major Characters

Jane Eyre: Main character of entire novel. Young orphan who grows up, goes to school, works, marries, creates a life for herself.

Mrs. Reed: Jane's harsh and cruel aunt who takes Jane in against her will, because of a promise made to her husband, Jane's late uncle.

Eliza Reed: Mrs. Reed's second daughter who is rather more serious and quiet; she eventually becomes a noviate and then a Catholic nun.

John Reed: Mrs. Reed's arrogant and spoiled son who likes to beat Jane for punishment and amusement.

Georgiana Reed: Mrs. Reed's attractive and self-absorbed first daughter, who eventually marries well in London.

Jane's mother: Jane Reed, who married against her family's wish, was disowned, and who died when Jane was a baby.

Jane's father: John Eyre, a clergyman, who died with his wife.

Bessie: The nurse at Gateshead

Abbot: The maid at Gateshead.

Mr. Reed: Mrs. Reed's late husband, and Jane's late uncle on her mother's side.

Dr. Lloyd: The doctor who comes to see Jane after she has been ill in the Red-Room. He suggests to Mrs. Reed that Jane go to school.

Mr. Brocklehurst: The cruel, intolerant, overzealous and money-pinching master of Lowood Institution, a pastor, who humiliates Jane in public, when she comes to Lowood.

Miss Miller: One of the teachers at Lowood.

Miss Maria Temple: The superintendent of Lowood Institution, whom Jane wishes to emulate, and who cares for both Helen and Jane.

Miss Scatcherd: The history teacher at Lowood, who often punishes Helen Burns with a whipping.

Helen Burns: The overly mature, fatalistic, religious best friend of Jane while she is at Lowood; Helen dies early from tuberculosis at Lowood.

Reverend Nasmyth: The man whom Miss Temple eventually marries.

Mrs. Fairfax: The widow who initially inquires after a governess for Adèle Varens, at Thornfield Hall.

Miss Adèle Varens: The bastard child of Céline Varens, a mistress of Rochester's while he was in Paris; Rochester takes Adèle back with him to England, as his ward.

Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester: The master of Thornfield Hall, traditional Gothic male hero, and eventual husband of Jane Eyre.

Sophie: The nurse or "bonne" of Adèle Varens, who is French.

Mme Pierrot: Jane's French teacher at Lowood Institution.

Leah: The maid at Thornfield Hall, who assists Grace Poole often.

Grace Poole: The woman whom Rochester hires to watch over and care for his mad first wife, Bertha.

Pilot: Rochester's dog.

Rowland: Rochester's dead elder brother.

Céline Varens: Adèle's mother, and Rochester old French mistress, who ran off and left her daughter.

Charge of the Vicomte: The French officer with whom Céline was cheating unknown to Rochester.

Miss Blanche Ingram: The beautiful, cold, snotty, arrogant and condescending upper-class woman whom Rochester leads to believe he wishes to marry.

Mesrour: Rochester's horse.

Mr. Mason: Bertha Mason, Rochester's first bride's, brother. He is from Jamaica, West Indies.

Sibyl: The gypsy fortune-teller character played by Rochester.

Doctor Carter: The surgeon who cares for Mr. Mason when Bertha attacks him.

Bessie's sister: She dies.

Robert Laven: Bessie's husband and the coachman of Gateshead Hall.

Uncle John Eyre: The uncle of both Jane, St. John, Diana and Mary, who dies, lived in Madeira, and leaves Jane a fortune of twenty-thousand pounds.

Mr. Briggs: The solicitor from London who handles Jane's fortune, and breaks up Rochester's attempt at a bigamous marriage.

Bertha Mason: Rochester's first wife from Jamaica, who is mad and he keeps in his attic of Thornfield Hall. It was an arranged marriage.

St. John Rivers: Jane's cold, exacting, distant and intellectual cousin who was the pastor of Morton Parish. He asks Jane to marry him and go to India to do missionary work; she refuses and he goes alone.

Diana Rivers: The beautiful, refined and caring first sister of St.John, and Jane's cousin.

Mary Rivers: The quieter, more cautious but equally intelligent second sister of St.John, and also Jane's cousin.

Hannah: The older woman/maid who lives with Mary and Diana at Moor House.

Jane Elliot: The pseudonym which Jane takes on when she arrives at Moor House.

Miss Rosamond Oliver: The beautiful and childlike heiress with whom St. John is in love. She eventually marries Mr. Granby.

Mr. Granby: Wealthy Morton resident who marries Rosamond.

Mary and John: Couple who takes care of Rochester at Ferndean Manor, when he is blind and crippled.

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