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Julius Caesar Topic Tracking: Rush to Judgement

Act I, Scene II

Rush 1: Caesar declares that the soothsayer who warns him about the Ides of March is a "dreamer," and pays no heed to his warning. The soothsayer had warned him to beware of and be careful on the Ides of March--the next day.

Act II, Scene II

Rush 2: Caesar twice ignores Calphurnia's warnings about her nightmare, and declares that he will go to the senate this morning. Calphurnia has a nightmare where she sees Caesar bleeding from the neck as he stands before the Senate.

Act III, Scene I

Rush 3: Caesar immediately denies Metellus Cimber's brother a pardon, declaring himself morally superior (with this small case as proof), and therefore provides Metellus Cimber with a reason to become angry. Metelleus Cimber then jumps on Caesar and the assassination plan is completed.

Rush 4: Brutus grants Antony's request that he be allowed to speak at Caesar's funeral, despite Cassius' protests that this is a dangerous and foolish decision. Antony then proceeds to subtly slander Brutus.

Act III, Scene III

Rush 5: The Plebeians encounter Cinna the poet on the street, and, though he tries to tell them his is not Cinna the conspirator, they all chase after him anyhow, ready to kill him.

Act IV, Scene III

Rush 6: Brutus insults his good friend Cassius as they approach each other on the battle field because Brutus assumes that Cassius has denied Brutus monetary support for the battle, even though that is not the case. Cassius responds in the same way during this exchange.

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