Notes on Characters from Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar Major Characters

Julius Caesar: Leader of Rome, who is about to be crowned by the Senate, and is killed by a conspiracy for fear he will become a tyrant.

Cassius: Architect of the conspiracy to kill Caesar, and the man who convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy, and then leads them in ruling Rome.

Marcus Brutus: A powerful general and senator in the Roman army who is asked to lead a conspiracy against Caesar, and later fights against Marcus Antonius and Octavius Caesar to maintain control of Rome.

Casca: A member of the conspiracy, and co-architect of the plan with Cassius.

Cinna: A member of the conspiracy.

Decius Brutus: A member of the conspiracy who goes to Caesar's house and convinces him to come to the Senate even though he has been warned not to.

Trebonius: A member of the conspiracy. The man who takes Mark Antony away to distract him when Caesar is attacked.

Ligarius: Also a member of the conspiracy.

Metellus Cimber: The member of the conspiracy who approaches Caesar with his plea for a pardon for his brother, Publius Cimber, in order to get the conspirators close enough to Caesar to kill him.

Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony): Caesar's loyal aide and right hand man. Later, a member of the Triumvir that fights against Marcus Brutus and Cassius to regain power over Rome.

Portia: Brutus' Wife.

Calphurnia: Caesar's Wife.

Artemidorus: A sophist and loyal subject of Caesar who tries to warn him of the plot with a scroll he prepares.

Octavius Caesar: A member of the Triumvir that is planning to rule Rome and the surrounding areas. He is sent for by Caesar and arrives the day Caesar is killed. He then goes into battle with Antony against Brutus and Cassius for control of Rome.

Minor Characters

A Soothsayer: Warns Caesar--unheeded--to be aware of the ides of March.

M. Aemelius Lepidus: The third member of the Triumvir, who is condescended upon by Octavius and Antony, who believe he is dumb.

Cicero: A friend of Casca's who is not included in the conspiracy because he is not trusted, but who nonetheless is aware of the sentiments which spurred it on.

Pubilus: An elderly senator who cannot run from the Senate after Caesar is killed and is therefore asked by Brutus to calm the crowds.

Flavius and Marullus: Two Tribunes who begin the play by stating their fear of Caesar's power as they watch the Roman commoners prepare in a frenzy for his return.

Cinna: A poet who is chased by Roman plebeians because he has the same name as the conspirator.

Lucillius, Titinius, Messala, Young Cato, and Volummius: Friends of Brutus and Cassius who fight with them at Philippi.

Clitus, Claudius, Strato, and Dardanius: Officers and servants in Brutus' army.

Lucius: Brutus' young, loyal servant who is particularly well liked by Brutus. He tries to help Portia when she gets worried about Brutus while he is at the Senate.

Pindarus: A servant to Cassius who has become very loyal to him over the years.

An elderly poet: A man who tries to speak to Cassius and Brutus while they are fighting, but is snapped at by Brutus, who is in very bad humor because he has just found out that his wife has committed suicide.

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