Section 6 (pg. 97-105) Notes from One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

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One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Section 6 (pg. 97-105)

The count finally comes out right. The prisoners wait to be led to the evening search. Ivan Denisovich overhears Captain Buinovsky explain how he has ended up in prison. As a liaison officer on a British cruiser, after the war, he received a gift from the British admiral and this was enough to brand him a spy and a political criminal. The escort, meanwhile, tries unsuccessfully to hurry the prisoners. The prisoners march grudgingly, as there is no incentive for them to go faster. Usually, they would hurry in order to beat the other column for first dibs to the mess hall, the showers, barbers, etc. But they figure the other column is already in before them. Ivan Denisovich's thoughts linger on the possibility that Tsezar might receive his overdue package.

Suddenly the prisoners break into a quicker stride; the other column from the machine works has been held back as well. The prisoners from the machine works have been subject to a more rigorous search ever since zeks have been found with their throats cut. Ivan Denisovich has heard rumors that knives have been brought inside volleyball poles. A guard brings the prisoners to a halt before the gate and tells them to put down their firewood. Some are hesitant, risking the possibility for others to sneak in some kindling, and the situation makes Denisovich think: "Who's the zek's main enemy? Another zek. If only they weren't at odds with one another--ah, what a difference that'd make!" pg. 101

The guards begin frisking the prisoners. Ivan Denisovich asks Tsezar if he can hold a place in line for him at the parcels office. Just as he is about to be frisked, Ivan Denisovich remembers the hacksaw blade he found. He quickly hides it in his mitten. During the search, he prays to God that he will not be caught. Luckily, he makes it through. Ivan Denisovich notices that the Moldavian is held back--penalized with time in the guardhouse for sleeping in the repair shop and holding up the count. Officially, he is charged with attempting to escape.

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