Canto VIII Notes from The Inferno

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The Inferno Canto VIII

On the ramparts of the tower two flames signal the arrival of the travelers, and a ferry quickly crosses the marsh to collect them. The resentful ferryman, Phlegyas, takes them across the marshy fifth circle towards the City of Dis. During the passage, Dante is recognized by a spirit and recognizes him as Filippo Argenti, who had been known for his arrogance and cruelty. He tries to grab the boat but is thrust back by Virgil and swallowed in the mire. They see the fiery towers of the city looming above them and disembark at the gates. However, a group of fallen angels keep them from entering, but assent to talking privately with Virgil. " Come thou alone; and let that one go, who has entered so daringly into this kingdom. Let him return alone his foolish way; try, if he can: for thou shalt stay here, that hast escorted him through so dark a country." Canto VIII, pg. 47 These same angels opposed Christ when he tried to enter Hell after his crucifixion.

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