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The Inferno Canto XXX

Two rabid souls run towards Dante and his companions. Dante compares their aspect to the insane mythological figures Athamas of Thebes and Hecuba of Troy. The first grabs Capocchio by the neck with his tusks and drags him belly-down along the floor of the chasm. Griffolino identifies this soul as Gianni Schicchi, who impersonated the dead Buoso Donati on his son's request in order to change his will in their favor. Gianni gained a beautiful horse known as Lady of the troop. The other crazed soul is Myrrha, who disguised herself in order to seduce her father whom she lusted after. Dante notices another soul with an enormously swollen belly, who introduces himself as Master Adam. He counterfeited the florin of Florence and was burnt to death for it. In Hell he suffers extreme thirst that causes his belly to extend, and longs to find the man who convinced him to make the coins, Guido. Dante asks him to identify two souls lying next to Adam and emitting vapors, and he says they are Potiphar's wife, who falsely accused Joseph of attempting to seduce her, and Sinon the Greek who convinced the Trojans to bring the wooden horse within their city walls. They fume due to the burning fever they suffer. Sinon hits Adam in the belly and Adam returns the blow in Sinon's face. They begin one-upping each other with insults as Dante listens intently. Virgil reprimands Dante for his interest in such vulgar discourse and Dante is deeply ashamed.

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