Canto XXVII Notes from The Inferno

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The Inferno Canto XXVII

The flame that contains Ulysses departs and another approaches containing the spirit of Count Guido da Montefeltro, one of Dante's contemporaries. He eagerly requests news of his countrymen from Romagna. Dante tells him that currently there are no wars in his area and relates all of the major men of power in the area. He then asks Guido to reveal his sins. He agrees to tell him because he does not believe he will ever return to the real world and defame him. He says he was a warrior but then became a Franciscan monk and later an advisor to Pope Boniface VIII who led him back to his evil ways. He advised the Pope to offer an enemy amnesty and then attack them when their guard was down. Guido agreed to give the evil advice securing the Pope's promise to forgive him of his sin. After his death, Saint Francis came to rescue him from Hell, but was convinced through logic not to save him by one of the Black Angels. "Do not take him; wrong me not. He must come down amongst my menials; because he gave the fraudulent counsel, since which I have kept fast by his hair: for he who repents not, cannot be absolved; nor is it possible to repent and will a thing at the same time, the contradiction not permitting it." Canto XXVII, pg. 145 After listening, the poets continue to the ninth chasm.

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