Chapter 33 Notes from I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Chapter 33

San Francisco is less exciting than before. Maya feels that she has gained wisdom. Her brother is older too-he speaks in slang, drinks gin, and tells dirty jokes. Maya cares less about everything. She simply feels detached. "In two months, I had become blasé." Chapter 33, pg. 250

Bailey and Mother are deeply attached to one another, but they know that they must separate. Bailey is getting older and their attraction for each other is getting unhealthy. They begin to fight, so that their separation will be easier. Bailey comes home late. Mother cuts him with harsh insults. They hover on the brink of separation for weeks, until finally Bailey decides it is time to go. He packs up his things and moves into a boarding house at one a.m. The next day Maya goes to see him, and he has already spoken to their mother. She is going to try to get him a job on a train. Maya is surprised and feels depressed when she sees how sincere and hopeful her brother is, even though he is living among criminals and drug addicts. "I left his room because, and only because, we had said all we could say." Chapter 33, pg. 254

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