Chapter 9 Notes from Ivanhoe

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Ivanhoe Chapter 9

The Disinherited Knight turns down all requests to remove his mask. In the Prince's box, John and his attendants try to guess the Knight's identity. At the mere suggestion that he could be a soldier of Richard's, the Prince flies into worry, demanding to hear demonstrations of loyalty from those around him. Fitzurse assures him the knight did not resemble Richard in body type. The Knight appears before the Prince to receive his prize, but does not speak a word. He has to choose the Queen, and John suggests Fitzurse's daughter. But the Knight chooses on his own, and selects the Lady Rowena. Cedric, speaking for her, allows the Lady to take the position, but not to attend the accompanying banquet. The Knight also refuses the banquet. Before the Prince exits, he orders his men to guard the yeoman who bothered him earlier in the day. The crowds all disperse to enjoy the pleasures of the evening and wait for the games the next day.

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